Recrooit April roundup – Hello Recrooit community đź‘‹

We’ve done some amazing things so far this 2021, besides surviving “normal life”, we have created a recruitment platform and community that is solid, growing, and learning.

So, kudos to all of you and a special thanks to our recruiters that have been working hard alongside us!

It’s time to get you up to date on all things Recrooit, so here we go:

We got active bounties and open positions for you to go after.

  • Lead Full Stack Developer (Java) $300
  • Technical Angular Front-End Lead $350
  • Angular/Java Developer $500
  • Team Lead EngineerJavascript $500
  • Frontend Developer $500

Plus a position with a $1000 bounty, sign in or join us now to discover more and get started!

You can also join in on a Facebook community that’s 500+ members strong and continues to grow every day, there you can gain access to exclusive recruitment training, events, and networking opportunities.

If you want a taste of the Recrooit community perks just check out our last recruitment training event. In Serbian.

Tech recruitment: tips, tricks & terminology

It’s important for us at Recrooit that members get the opportunity to access knowledge and grow in their careers. A big part of the recruitment industry at the moment is tech recruitment, which is why we made this our first event. As we grow we hope to offer even more content like this in English and available for all.

Want more good stuff?

Rediscover our blog page and get more insights on recruitment, hiring, talent management and Recrooit:

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The new page is sooooo close

We are giving both our main site and our blog a makeover, something easier to use, carefully designed to work for you!

Events are also on the way

Dealing with burnout both with yourself and the people around you?

You are not alone, we have all been there. That’s why we are planning an event with a specialist on all things related to burnout at work, what we can do to overcome it and how we can prevent it.

Pushing mental health care and awareness is everyone’s job!

Impostor syndrome in recruitment and beyond

Those big news….. coming soon!

We are always looking for ways to grow and offer our recruitment community more possibilities to make money, create bigger networks, and benefit from being part of Recrooit. So, we have made another big step towards doing that for you and we can’t wait to tell you all about it… soon!

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