Why is Recrooit the best recruitment side gig you can have?

Why is Recrooit the best side gig you can have?

Anyone can do it

We mean anyone. Yeah, we have a lot of tech job openings but you don’t need to be a developer or designer or any specific profession to Recrooit with us, you just need to know people!

As we grow as a company we’ll also be to see our job posting diversify to include many areas of expertise. So we can become the side hustle to beat all side hustles.

So, to recap here are the requirement to be recrooiter:

  1. You want to do it
  2. You know people
  3. That’s it!

So, developers, recruiters, community managers, and all are welcome into Recrooit.

You can also watch the whole process below!

For our Serbian recrooiters!

It takes little time to do

One of the best advantages you have when you choose Recrooit as your side gig is how fast you can use it to earn referral bounties.

Once you are approved and signed in, you just have to find a job posting and either:

Fill out a simple form and upload a CV


Share the referral link to anyone that might fit

Easy as that. Unlike other types of side gigs, Recrooit does not want to take up big chunks of your time, we know you have other things to do.

You could be making an extra income just by spending a few minutes a week doing this, not bad right? 

You help people you know to get work

It’s hard getting harder and harder to find work so here is the ultimate perk of becoming a recrooiter: you help people you know to do just that.

Recrooit is a community-based job platform meaning: we work within networks to find the best talent having other talented professionals refer them.

On the flip side, you can also recommend a job posting site to help smaller businesses get the talent they need for less.

This side gig is beneficial not only to you but also to your network and you can both grow stronger together.

The platform is fast and flows organically

This is not old-style recruiting, because we know you are probably not a recruiter. So this platform was made so that anyone can use it. A simple design with a small variety of function, but you don’t need bells and whistle to Recrooit you need efficient tools, like:

  • Copy referral link.
  • Candidate adding form.
  • Sort and search for job postings.

You are fully protected

Recrooit protects your identity from the start, your profile and or name is never shared with clients or anywhere on the platform.

Plus, your referral links are tied to your recrooiter ID so you never lose a bounty.

Quick and easy cashout


So, you did the recruiting, found your match and they got hired!

Now you get to cash out, just go to the tab in your profile choose between PayPal and direct transfer, enter your information, and wait for the money to arrive.

Happy to have you join the Recrooit team!